AW 2014

AW 2014 Show

Water and fluidity in an imaginary stylistic bridge between East and West

Flowing shapes, fabrics and colours in a collection created for a cultured, curious man who is ironic, adventurous and always dresses with impeccable style.

Shawl collars are the main features of jumpers, shirts and overcoats, giving them a remarkably abundant and theatrical look. Overcoats with important volumes, offset by soft, unstructured shoulders, are worn with  jackets that are more restrained but never too skinny, and cigarette trousers which show off slightly pointed ankle boots. Completing the look are scarves, pins and bags proposed in precious materials and worn as jewellery.

Fine, supersoft fabrics, all made exclusively for Canali, recall the pomp and splendour of times gone by. Wool felts and flannels, plain or with a delicate pinstripe, and ever present velvet, the non plus ultra of Venetian fabrics, are enhanced by stunning geometrical patterns inspired by Art Deco or poetically reminiscent of fading wallpaper in aristocratic homes.

The colours in the collection also recall Venice and its shimmering lights and reflections. From the neutral, milky hues of a foggy dawn and the infinite greens and blues of a sunny winter’s day, to antique pink, blush and sky blue shades inspired by Tiepolo.

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