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Since 1934, Canali has made impeccable suits for discerning men of style.

Canali 1930s Sketch


Canali is founded in Italy as a family-run business. It’s an auspicious time for menswear, coinciding with the rise of the contemporary lounge suit and the emergence of the clean, sharp aesthetic of modernist design.

Canali 1950s Sketch


The ownership of Canali passes on to the second generation of the family. They strengthen the house’s presence in a burgeoning Italian fashion market, which is beginning to make waves internationally.

Canali 1960s Sketch


Canali creates a range of men’s outerwear, following the strictest manufacturing standards to create garments of the finest quality.

Canali 1970s Sketch


Canali takes its Italian-made suits to the USA, the UK, France and Switzerland quickly establishing a fervent international following.

Canali 1980s Sketch


True to the expansive optimism of the decade, Canali’s garments travel further across the world, becoming available throughout Europe, the Middle East and Canada. To keep up with the huge demand for top-quality tailoring from discerning, style-conscious male customers, Canali invests in new production centers in Italy.

Canali 1990s Sketch


Following the successful launch of the accessories collections, Canali consolidates its achievements by opening its first flagship boutique in Milan.

Canali 2000s Sketch


Led by the third generation of the family, Canali continues to expand, venturing into Russia, China, India and Oceania. The decade sees the launch of Canali’s sportswear range as well as the iconic, unstructured Kei jacket.

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