200 Steps

Great achievements are seldom made instantaneously – in fact, true craftsmanship is about process as much as it is expertise. 200 Steps is an ongoing film series featuring creative men and their methods, inspired by the 200 Steps it takes for us to produce one of our Italian-made suits.


Guido Gobino

As a creator of emotions, Guido Gobino performs his job passionately on a daily basis, constantly challenging himself to do better.


Michael Douglas

Over the course of his almost 50-year career in movies, Douglas has proven himself to be a man of many, many faces, taking unexpected and distinctive roles that have showcased his inimitable talent.


Andrea Berton

Andrea Berton is a chef who has earned his fame and various awards “on the field”.


Paul McGinley

Paul Mcginley, a world-renowned golfer and captain of the 2014 Ryder Cup European Team, reveals his style and the secrets behind his success.

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