200 Steps

Toby's Look

Toby Stephens - The Look

In his interview for the “200 Steps” series, Toby Stephens wears a classic suit style with an eccentric twist, rendered as it is in a vibrant Yves Klein blue.

Comfort is key, so Toby wears a single-breasted suit in cool wool, with a modern geometrical pattern that relaxes the look without compromising on the utmost quality and elegance. The jacket and trousers flow softly over the body without accentuating it for an even greater sense of freedom. The classic white shirt plays a twin role, on one hand disrupting a look dominated by Yves Klein blue, and on the other accentuating the intensity of the colour by providing a perfect frame for the knit tie.

Completing his sharply tailored contemporary look is a pocket square peeking out of the breast pocket, a plain Derby shoe in semi-polished calfskin and a fine crocodile belt.


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