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Canali Boutique - Pedder Street

“The definition of Hong Kong style changes season by season and week by week,” says Jonathan Yee, fashion director of Hong Kong-based style journal Manifesto. “But tailoring is something that is the bread and butter of menswear style.”

Yee’s own style – classic, precise, but full of youthful, unexpected twists – is a good indication of how Hong Kong menswear has been influenced by the city’s cultural mish-mash of east and west, traditional and modern. For Canali’s Style From… series, he brought his impeccable taste to bear on the Spring Summer 2014 collection, creating three looks from the selection available at Canali’s Hong Kong flagship on Pedder Street, at the heart of the city’s central business district. Tying the three looks together is a single piece – the Kei jacket in a beige linen-wool mix.  


In this contemporary, yet formal outfit, the Kei jacket is paired with matching trousers and the gingham check shirt. Though the harmonious shades of sand, white and grey bring a smart coordination to the look, there’s a pleasing contrast of textures close up, with the natural grain of the jacket’s fabric vying against the shirt’s square checks and an intricate geometric pattern in the tie. “If you need to put two contrasting patterns together, the trick is to work with the colors first,” says Yee. “Keep the palettes as close as possible, and pattern-wise always go for a similar size.”


Mixing tailoring with sport-inspired pieces, this look is a lesson in casual sophistication. Slim-fit white jeans complement the natural hue of the jacket, while a cotton polo shirt, worn with the collar folded over the jacket lapel has a relaxed but deliberate feel. “Putting a polo inside the jacket looks very rigid,” says Yee. “So I think if you wear it outside the lapel, it actually says that you’re really smartly styling your jacket by using something casual.” A pair of coordinating low-top sneakers rounds off the look. “Hong Kong is particularly great for this outfit because here, you’re always on the move. You need something that complements you going up a gear, that lets you move fast.”


“When you’re hopping on a plane, going to a hotel, checking in, going to meetings, you need something that is simple and easy to wear,” says Yee. In this travel-ready look, he pairs the Kei jacket with a mandarin collared shirt, – partially unbuttoned for a resort-like feel – and contrasting navy trousers in a fluid silk-linen mix for ease of movement. Each piece in the look is chosen for its mixture of style and comfort, not least the brown leather loafers, which can be slipped on and off at the airport with a minimum of fuss. “I don’t like lace-ups,” says Yee. “Maybe I’m just getting lazy.”

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