Accents of Style

Stand Out with Vivid Accessories

Because men’s clothing can be quite simple, brightening up an outfit with en eye-catching detail almost essential. For this purpose, we offer a range of lively accessories.  

A silk handkerchief is a great way to add a color to a suit, and can be used with or without a tie. Go for a delicate pattern during the day, such as a combination of dots and checks in grey, ivory and black. In the evening, opt for something more rich – an intense blue handkerchief with polka dots or rhombus prints. Handkerchiefs should pop out of the breast pocket in a puff. Make sure to take one corner and stuff it to the bottom of your pocket: it will prevent the handkerchief from slipping down.

Cufflinks also have a great decorative potential, but it’s best to keep them as a details that whisper rather than scream. Avoid precious stones or bold jewels during the day in favour of more subtle patterns, following the chromatic palette of your suit.

A tie pin, too can give a suit an extra touch of sophistication. Worn as a brooch, under the breast pocket of a jacket or on the lapels, it can also add an element of the unexpected.

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