The Biker Jacket

Canali Reinvents a Classic Three Ways.

The Biker jacket has been a staple of the modern male wardrobe since the 1950s, when it was first immortalized on screen by the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean. With its long history of association with rebels and rock ‘n’ roll icons it’s an item that’s always symbolized a free and independent way of being, but these days it can also give an edge to smart-casual outfits or serve as adaptable outerwear in between seasons. For the summer, we make our mark by reinterpreting this piece in three new ways that give it a contemporary look.

The first is a clean, minimal and dressy take on the traditional biker jacket. Studs and buckles are replaced by bias zip and besom pockets over a clean two-tone nappa leather  – camel, with caramel sleeves. The second option follows the same silhouette, but boasts more vivid colours, such as caramel (over the torso) and red (for the sleeves and interiors). Our third variation of the biker jacket revives some more conventional elements, like shoulder inserts and a chunky zip on the front closure. A rebellious attitude comes through, however, in the color: an uncompromising red that makes the jacket a statement piece as well as a discerning choice for sporting adventures.

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