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Ways to wear this modern-day accessory

Though the exact origins are uncertain, neckties were seen on Croatian soldiers fighting in France in the 1600s, catching the attention of Parisians and thus the cravat was said to have been born. The industrial revolution created the need for a more practical accessory, paving the way for the longer and narrower version that is most popular today.

A new manufacturing method coined in 1926 by New York tie maker Jesse Langsdorf, which involved cutting the fabric on the bias and sewing it in three segments, also contributed to the current necktie’s slimmer silhouette. Long, short, narrow, wide, solid-colored or printed – a tie and its variations can go a long way in expressing yourself. This season, try experimenting with a more contemporary option – the skinny tie.

In the Spring Summer collection, you have plenty of options from styles in iridescent material featuring contrasting textures or with geometric prints inspired by the fabrics of 1970s homes in Palm Springs. Office settings may call for a subtler variety paired with an ultra-classic jacket, highlighted by a brightly striped button-down.

For those who want a look that blends sophisticated and casual, wear with a faded, double-breasted blazer in a bright, eye-catching turquoise and a checkered shirt with mini-collar – a printed pocket square adds the perfect finishing touch. For the habitually dapper, even the simple skinny tie/button-down combo effortlessly does the trick.