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Timeless twists

Pied de Poule, or houndstooth, is a classic textile pattern obtained by intertwining four differently colored threads. Most commonly black and white, it appeared for the first time in Scotland on woolen scarves and skirts around 1800, but it was only in the 1930s that it became a symbol of true elegance.

This Spring, new combinations of color and fabric lend an extra-special charm to the celebrated pattern.

A double-button Kei jacket in Pied de Poule cashmere and silk, with affixed pockets, a cropped breast pocket and comfortable lateral splits, is finished in light red and coupled with a fiery crimson cardigan. A pair of brown trousers, in linen and silk, and a white cotton shirt break up the monochrome effect, creating subtle contrasts throughout the outfit. For a touch of formal elegance, add a polka-dot tie and pocket square, both in shades of grey silk – accessories that transform the look into the perfect work meeting outfit.
Completing the refined, contemporary vibe are a pair of Derby shoes, in soft calf’s leather with contrast suede inserts, and a convenient document holder, which combines deconstructed lines with a large zip and logo.