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Impeccable construction, materials and sartorial details

Elegance is an art form, all about finding the perfect balance between personal style, tradition and craftsmanship. High quality materials, an impeccable construction and refinement in every detail is of utmost importance, as is knowing what to pair it with. Achieving a look with style and sophistication comes from a series of small tricks that may or not be apparent and that perhaps only a connoisseur could perceive.

The cotton dress shirt, for example, is an Exclusive model, which combines a smart aesthetic with incredible versatility. The fabric is cut meticulously to ensure that the textile’s motif matches up perfectly at all points, especially on the front placket while the split yoke lends a remarkably tailored fit. Practical and polished details like Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, keyhole buttonholes and English single needle stitching - the shirttails are first sewn and then fastened – make this style a truly superior option. The shirt can be worn under a simply elegant single-breasted suit. The one from this look features a unique half moon breast pocket, slit pockets with elegant tabs, comfortable sleeves and overlapping buttons at the cuff.

The 100% wool Hopsack fabric with delicate chalk stripes is perfect for the businessman who is always on the move and in search of a suit that doesn’t wrinkle easily. The look is accessorized with a solid-colored knit tie and a silk pocket square with an eye-catching floral print that contrasts nicely with the shirt. A pair of luxurious suede loafers featuring the Canali logo finish off the ensemble.