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This new and innovative series, presented at the Rome Film Festival, is directed and written by Ivan Cotroneo and stars Alessandro Roja, dressed by Canali for his role. We spoke with them about the importance of elegance in cinema and the secrets behind their style.


Ivan Cotroneo and Alessandro Roja on cinema and style

Tell us about your new project – where did the inspiration come from?
'2 DI NOI' came from the desire to talk about a topic that is close to me in an unedited way – insecurity. I wanted to write and create a comedy that shows the anxiety all of us feel when we have to be naked, or better yet, that narrates our fear of showing our true selves. Not only at work, but also in personal and social relationships, the fear of not being good enough that pushes us to show a different version of ourselves. Our duplicity, the distance between that which we show others and the true us becomes immediately evident. The trouble begins when we are no longer able to control this transformation…

What are the factors behind the success of this innovative format that you already experimented with in the past?
It’s always difficult to recognize the potential of an idea but luckily, in the film and television industries, projects are done as a team: producers, broadcasters, actors, the crew. When there is an idea that intrigues the imagination, that is a good sign. I believe it is impossible to come up with ideas for a story at a table with just thoughts or even a concrete desire. One can try to tell a good story, based on a feeling that is universal and it is unique because it represents a problem or feature of a single character. Luckily, there are no formulas. Maybe just the desire to talk about a feeling that can speak to the experiences of everyone.

How is the world of cinema changing with regards to the digital one? How have sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope and streaming impacted the distribution of a film?
I believe they have had an immense effect. TV with live tweeting has created collective viewing, for example. The distribution and launch of a project today can count on a digital word-of-mouth effect that ranges from specialized information to a single comment. The display window of a film has grown in a way that wouldn’t have been fathomable a decade ago. This means that today there is vast exposure, but also the possibility of arriving directly to the audience.

How important is style on set? How much does a character’s look say?
Costume choices in general are extremely important because they have everything to do with the narrative aspect of the film. Characters are studied for how they speak, for his behavior, passion, idiosyncrasies – so the mise-en-scene of this person, a study of his/her style is an additional aspect for the narrative. A person’s outfit talks about his choices, his ability (or inability) to impose his style, confirms or contradicts sides of his personality. For Giorgio, Alessandro Roja’s character, his clothes convey impeccability and elegance, a desire to be comfortable with himself even though Stefano, his alter ego, isn’t like this at all.


Alessandro Roja – Style Questionnaire

1. Elegance is

Knowing how to live an object and make it your own.

2. My suitcase is never without

All of the essentials to get me through the day. Style and comfort are key.

3. The perfect outfit

That which makes me feel appropriate in any situation.

4. A memorable look

My wedding suit. Dark blue pants with pleats and light pink suspenders. A classic syle with a unique but seroius touch. I felt at ease during the most beautiful and important day of my life.

5. My look is

Classic and sober, but always seeking elegance in the beauty of an object in itself.

6. Where does your outfit begin

With the pants - a blessing and a curse.

7. Subtle or eccentric details?

Subtle and completely integrated with the look. In this way, even the most eccentric ones are harmonious on the whole.

8. A sartorial suit is

For all occasions, I would say. I am convinced that elegance isn't linked to an institution or a single event, like it used to be in the 1950s/60s.

9. On the red carpet

With a classic black tuxedo or for a distinctive touch, a dark blue version.

10. Something you can never part ways with

A very old shirt that I love very much and that for nostalgia's sake, I bring out every now and then for that tactile memory.