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Dutch artist Job Wouters for Canali.com

Dutch artist Job Wouters creates a performative artwork to celebrate the new Canali.com

Mixing time-honoured craft with cutting-edge modernity, innovative graphic artist and calligrapher Job Wouters stars in “Contours”, a short film to mark the launch of the new Canali.com.

The film follows Wouters, whose eye-popping typographic designs are created live and entirely by hand, as he completes 80 drawings in a single sitting – one for each year of Canali’s existence.

In a sharp, stylized setting, slow-panning shots reveal flashes of De Stijl-like colour capturing the gestural beauty of Wouters’ brushstrokes and the increasing intricacy of his images. It’s a tribute to the timeless quality of the handmade, echoed in the hand-tailored Canali clothing that Wouters wears as he works.

In an additional interview video, the first in Canali’s new “200 Steps” content series, Wouters explains the process behind his meticulous typographic work, which has been exhibited at institutes including the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and the Design Museum, Helsinki.



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