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An extraordinary work of art and craftsmanship

A journey, a process and a unique experience which in no time turns a dream into reality. The only way to describe this meticulous process and the patience it requires is with an extraordinary work of art and craftsmanship, one which takes pride of place in Canali Su Misura window displays starting in February.

This imposing installation defines both the value of the suit and the expert tailoring hidden behind the precision of each and every detail.

The window display presents a surreal and fantastic vision of the world that reminds us of the celebrated novel by Jonathan Swift, “Gulliver’s Travels”. A centrally placed dummy is surrounded, like Dr Lemuel, by lilliputian figures who work meticulously with needle, thread and tape measure to build the Su Misura suit.

A scaffolding acts as a frame around the construction of this masterpiece, in part to protect it, but most importantly to emphasise the magnificence of a product realised by the carefully selected expert craftsmen who are the true defenders of the art of fine tailoring.

The architectural concept behind the Su Misura window display, which will be replicated in Canali stores worldwide after its presentation in Milan, is designed to express all the style, sophistication and creativity that typify the service, as well as to describe metaphorically what the eye cannot see behind the scenes in the “construction” of a Made to Measure suit.


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