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Fashion and Food, elegance and creativity, a sartorial aesthetic and decisive flavors – these elements come together in a project with celebrated Italian blogger, Anna Marconi, of “Taste of Runway”. For this special and sparkling collaboration, Anna has created six cocktails inspired by colors, details and silhouettes from our latest runway collections. Surprise your guests with these exceptional creations that are fresh, fragrant and above all, stylish.

Style Notes


An appetizing cocktail with a sophisticated palette.

This concoction features a smoothie-like consistency with old-school cocktail flavors. The cognac adds a woody after-taste that is at first dry, and then immediately lightened by the hazelnut notes of the Frangelico (a liqueur from the Piedmont region of Italy) and from the lemon-hinted Luisa herbs, which are usually used for tea infusions, but also for liquors, jams, fruit salads and as a spice.

This latest creation is enveloping, much like the double-breasted wool-cotton jacket from the Fall Winter collection, worn with a soft T-shirt in a cashmere-silk blend and a pair of eye-catching pants with windowpane checks. A comfortable, modern look that like the cocktail, is perfect for every hour of the day.


30 ml Henessy cognac 60 ml Frangelico (a liqueur made from Piedmont hazelnuts) 120 ml rice milk 10 ml Luisa herb syrup* 2 drops of Aztec chocolate bitter ice

Place all ingredients into a shaker, add ice and shake hard for 15 seconds. Put crushed ice in the tumbler, pour in the cocktail and decorate with chocolate buttons and Luisa herb stems.

*For the syrup: boil 30 Luisa stems in 500 ml of boiling water. Add 500 g of sugar and let it melt and cool.

We’d suggest presenting the cocktail in a tumbler with a silver base and recreating the geometric motif with the stems of the Luisa herb.