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Fashion and Food, elegance and creativity, a sartorial aesthetic and decisive flavors – these elements come together in a project with celebrated Italian blogger, Anna Marconi, of “Taste of Runway”. For this special and sparkling collaboration, Anna has created six cocktails inspired by colors, details and silhouettes from our latest runway collections. Surprise your guests with these exceptional creations that are fresh, fragrant and above all, stylish.

Style Notes

Blu Octagon

A cocktail with an enchanting texture and decisive taste, inspired by the intense color of a key look from the new season.

Notes of sweet tobacco blend with scents of caramel and herbs, lightened by the sour aftertaste of blueberries. Fresh peach, used as a decoration, balances out the flavor, creating the perfect pairing.

Ideal as an after-dinner refreshment, the cocktail evokes key elements of the look: the lightness of the scarf, for example, is reflected in the soft foam while the peach represents the textured calfskin bag.


45 ml Diplomatico dark rum 15 ml Cynar 20 ml violet liqueur the tip of a teaspoon of molasses 8 fresh blueberries plus several to decorate 20 ml pasteurized egg white a slice of peach ice

In a Boston tumbler, combine the blueberries and molasses and crush for one minute. Add the other ingredients and shake. Put ice in a crystal glass and pour into a strainer. Decorate with a peach and a few blueberries.

Serve the drink in a square-edged, hexagonal crystal glass for a sophisticated visual effect.