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Fashion and Food, elegance and creativity, a sartorial aesthetic and decisive flavors – these elements come together in a project with celebrated Italian blogger, Anna Marconi, of “Taste of Runway”. For this special and sparkling collaboration, Anna has created six cocktails inspired by colors, details and silhouettes from our latest runway collections. Surprise your guests with these exceptional creations that are fresh, fragrant and above all, stylish.

Style Notes

Glaç age

A fascinating cocktail characterized by an elegant color palette. Flavorful sensations that please the palate are emphasized by slightly sour taste of blackberries and a hint of liquorice blended with orange and cream for a perfect mix. This is all presented in a unique pattern of blue stripes that lend a sweet tone to the cocktail.

If stripes add character to a look, rendering it unique, exclusive and refined, in a cocktail, they balance the flavor of the drink. The blue icing is a powerful element in creating a truly extraordinary effect that doesn’t stop at the aesthetic. Your palate will experience the delicacy of an ultra-soft texture that is the perfect complement to the Canali double-breasted suit in wool-silk-linen. Precision and spontaneity, tradition and modernity for a distinctive look that can be worn with a cashmere T-shirt and a pure silk polka dot pocket square, creating a play on prints. Finish off the ensemble with hand-brushed three-tone loafers with brogueing and a calfskin holdall with luxurious details.


60 ml Ciroc vodka 30 ml cream 30 ml orange juice 30 ml Laraha peel liqueur

6 crushed blackberries 5 drops of liquorice bitter ice


Blue icing

Take a high tumbler and with the help of a decorating tip, draw in the stripes on the inside of the glass. Since this is a cocktail without sugar, these icing stripes will balance out the flavor.

In a Boston glass, crush the blackberries with the cream. Add the ice, vodka, orange juice, Laraha peel liqueur (Blu Curaçao), liquorice bitter and shake. The result will be a beautiful shade of robin’s egg blue. Put ice in the tumbler and pour the cocktail while filtering. Decorate with blackberries when serving.