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Andrea Berton, a chef who has earned his fame and various awards 'on the field'.

He has worked with Gualtiero Marchesi, Alain Ducasse, at Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Mossiman’s in London and recently opened his own restaurant in Milan.

Born in Monte Albano in Italy, Berton has garnered recognition and praise thanks to a creative process that involves reinterpreting typical Italian dishes with elegance, essentiality and a contemporary spirit. His philosophy aims to highlight elements linked to the land, offering up new opportunities of expression. At the center of his vision is a boundless inventiveness, but one that is subject to an almost scientific precision without any superfluous nods to extravagance.

His 'brigade' meticulously navigates the stovetop in a Zen-like silence while the maestro imparts orders and suggestions. As a director thinks and rethinks a scene before shooting it, or as an architect develops a project’s theory before starting to sketch, when Berton wants to prepare a new recipe, he has already prepared it in his mind.

'While I imagine it, I also reflect on its presentation, its ultimate character. And, as usual, I reach the target that I had set'. His thinking when it comes to cooking is modern and characterized by immediacy. His creations are neat, without frills, built around primary flavors, all coming together in perfect harmony.

Fundamental to his creative itinerary is the starting point: only exceptional raw materials will do. And not only: he abides by a principle touted by the Greek philosophers of old – 'good' goes hand in hand with 'beautiful'. He is convinced that high gastronomy is an experience that involves all of the senses and that lightness must co-exist with the liveliness of flavor in the search for absolute harmony.

In his 200 Steps interview, Berton reveals what it takes to achieve his unique cuisine that is both delicate and intense. And the essential ingredient of any perfect recipe? 'Common sense!' is his enthusiastic reply.



Two-button jacket with check pattern. Ribbed V-neck sweater. Pants with check pattern. Suede loafers with tassel detail.