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As a creator of emotions, Guido Gobino performs his job passionately on a daily basis, constantly challenging himself to do better.

'The best has no boundaries' – this is the philosophy that has driven Gobino to research and experiment, continuously innovating his small works of art to satisfy even the most refined palates.

The aromas and flavors of cocoa have surrounded the Turin-born artisan ever since his childhood, and he has truly succeeded in making them his own. Recognized for preparing one of the most exquisite giandujotti (a hazelnut-flavored chocolate), his talent lies in always finding the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Age-old recipes from his hometown, creativity and passion are Gobino’s secret ingredients for success. The first step towards the perfect piece of chocolate is inspiration.
'Generally, it starts with a sensation, from a tasting, a spice, a food, a particular smell. This is what sets off that desire to search for a unique flavor, to see if it can be combined with chocolate.'

Guided by a formidable devotion, one that drives his work during the day and even wakes him from sleep with new recipes, Gobino melds his 20 years of experience with the desire to innovate, to invent even more unconventional pairings, that extra something that sets him apart. Teamwork is yet another decisive element.

'You have to work with passionate people who share the same goal'.

In his 200 Steps interview, Gobino explains how the senses are involved in the creation and tasting of a piece of chocolate: the visual impulse, the perspectives of taste and smell, they all come together to form an unforgettable memory.



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