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The Goodyear method

The sturdiness of a shoe is just as important as how stylish it is, which is why Canali has chosen the Goodyear method to create a selection of exclusive footwear from suede brogues to classic leather loafers that blend strength and sophistication.

In this long and delicate manufacturing process, the shoe’s upper is shaped over the last and fastened on with the welt, a strip of soft leather, which is sewn onto the inner and upper sole. Within the insole, there is a layer of cork that gradually takes the shape of the wearer’s foot for an unparalleled level of comfort. Additionally, the particular construction allows the sole to be easily replaced without damaging the form, adding countless years onto the life of a Goodyear-made style.

This prestigious procedure, which takes many hours to complete, is a guarantee of sartorial perfection and extremely high quality with the added layer of Canali’s refined aesthetic, resulting in a line of shoes that will leave a (literally) lasting impression.