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Clothes for men to put in the bag - Canali

The Guide to Packing Essentials

Most men, frequently or otherwise, have to travel with suits and blazers. This presents one major difficulty: however well it is pressed, a suit can arrive at destination looking less than fresh. Our lightweight wool textiles for spring go part of the way to circumventing this problem, recovering easily from folding and creasing. But it also helps if each garment is transported properly.

Some prefer wearing their blazer during travel to avoid creases, especially on long haul flights. But if it must be packed, it should be turned inside out, with the sleeves left right side out. Pop the collar and fold the jacket in half, holding it by the inside shoulders: this will reduce the risk of visible creasing and will protect the surface of the wool.

Trousers are easier to fold, but they’re still prone to wrinkle. One way to avoid this is to pad the very bottom of the suitcase with underwear and a few T-shirts, then place the trousers on top, leaving half of their length out of the luggage. Proceed by filling up the bag with other clothes. Finally, fold the remaining length of trousers back over, wrapping over everything. This will prevent a hard crease forming at the middle of the trousers, and will help them to keep their shape if they have been pressed previously.

A final trick, once in the hotel room, is to hang suits in the bathroom: the steam from the shower will release wrinkles.