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Sharpen your style with the right color combinations

Combining colors can be tricky: not only must they complement the wearer’s skin tone, they should create a harmony throughout an outfit.

A first general rule is to avoid wearing too many colors at once – it’s better to stick to two or three maximum, leaving it to accessories to add contrast. Secondly, it’s best not to match similar colors: the result tends to be visually weak and confusing. On the other hand, playing with many tonal shades of the same color is a great way to build a strong monochromatic look, exemplified in the mix-and-match shades of blue in Canali’s spring tailoring. 

Light colors shouldn’t be paired, as they tend to disappear among each other. Instead, juxtaposing light and dark shades introduces a sense of depth and graphic impact. Our wool-mohair two button peak lapel jacket, for example, stands out nicely over a lighter grey bowling collar shirt.

One of the most tried and tested methods of combining the right colors is to build a look up with neutral tones. Black, grey, white, brown or tans all work nicely as background shades to which it’s possible to add lively colored accessories as accents – for example, a  red micro-square patterned tie,  or a flaming red crocodile belt, or a pair of bright blue moccasins.