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Discover the Textured Accessories

This spring Canali introduces a geometric texture, inspired by the cross-stitch used in sartorial sewing. It’s a new house icon, representing Canali’s core values of craft expertise and contemporary attitude.

The criss-crossing lines of this elegant motif add a distinguished touch to the season’s accessories, from pure silk ties in intense Klein blue to stylish leather key holders and precious cufflinks.

The texture also appears this season on a wide range of fine calfskin accessories, such as black suitcase and messenger bags, iPad mini cases in delicate light blue, card holders and wallets.

In wearable accessories, meanwhile, it provides depth and sharpness to an outfit with its tridimensional surface. A light blue textured belt for example, stands out nicely on a cleanly cut suit. Double-buckled monk strap shoes with textured inserts showcase the design as a subtle accent.