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Creative combinations to tinge the season

Colors play a fundamental role in what we wear – they can make you blend in or stand out, they can cause (albeit marginally) a range of emotions from refreshment to tranquility. Colors can say a great many things, which is why they are so important to our everyday wardrobe choices.

Warm reds can evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy while cooler blues and greens are more calming. Bold can be paired with bold although these daring combinations are best kept to a minimum – they can be offset by a less competitive shade like white, gray, beige or black for a more refined look. Though pastels make less of a statement, they should also be paired with milder hues – light pink and khaki, light blue and gray, etc.

This season, we have the spectrum covered when it comes to casual and classy, offering you endless chromatic possibilities in our polo shirts and chinos. The polo is a piquet stretch model in a soft cotton-blend that has been garment dyed to achieve its vibrant color while the pants feature a slim fit with an 18cm leg opening as well as an internal coin pocket.