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Canali HANDS

Creativity and excellence go hand in hand to offer the highest standards of cut, construction and finish, to gentlemen requiring a sartorial fit that suits his life, needs and personality.



Creativity and excellence go hand in hand

Hands take the leading role in our production process right from the beginning: from the moment of sketching an idea on paper to cutting a pattern, on carton at first.

We only use the finest textiles, choosing them from the best manufacturers, both Italian and foreign, though we still carefully examine every inch of fabric to identify even the smallest defects. We are constantly dedicated to ensuring perfection and for this reason, all of the elements of our jackets are created internally. Our highly qualified and specialized tailors and seamstresses are involved first hand in preparing the soul of every jacket: all natural canvas inserts made of camel hair, horsehair and cotton flannel.

Expert hands handle each cut fabric and go over it with chalk, delicately marking the exact point where each pocket, collar or breast pocket needs to be placed. Before assemblage, each element of the jacket is brought together and again carefully checked. Hands are fundamental to give shape and physically construct a jacket. Pockets are cut one by one, the bias binding applied by hand on the shoulder head and around the armholes while the shoulder pads, also produced entirely by our seamstresses, perfectly complement each fit. All these measures will determine the way the fabric will fold and follow the body’s natural movements.

Once all the parts are ready, it is time for them to proceed with the basting, during which our seamstresses create some loose pleating: little creases between stitches that will define the finished jacket’s appearance and comfort. The right amount of loose pleats, thoughtfully placed here and there, will give the garment extra movement and agility.

Just before going through the final stages of tailoring, including several types of pressing that will give each piece the perfect shape, our jackets are completed with the final details, such as attaching the sleeves. This operation must be carried out from the inside on both sides and therefore requires the utmost precision and ability. Once fixed, thanks to this meticulous work all done by hand, our jackets acquire their impeccable shapes.

Finally, the buttonholes are created with extreme precision while quality stitching anchors the buttons firmly. The iconic Canali label is stitched on the inner lining with a final sign of authenticity: Made in Italy.

The jacket, perfect in every tiny detail, represents all of the luxury and savoir faire emblematic of Canali’s sartorial tradition, ready to embark on its journey in the world.



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