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The Gallery

Step into a space in which Canali products are displayed as works of art,
presented within a framework of scenes that tell a story of creation and of craftsmanship.


The man makes The Shirt. A whole, merely a sum of its parts. The Shirt is a murmur from beneath a jacket: second fiddle to a tie. Within, though, lies an intricate framework of precision. A collar with character, a cuff with intent, a fabric and form that do not yield. A silhouette is created by statute, leading us to wonder - is it the Shirt that makes the man?



The shirt begins as a blank canvas unrolled from a bolt of fabric. Once the pattern is placed, a craftsman cuts out the component parts with a precision blade. Each piece is sorted and labeled to create a full shirt in deconstructed kit form, waiting to be assembled.


Construction starts with the front and back panels of the shirt being sewn together before moving on to the next stage of the process. Intricate folds and sewing techniques come to light as details that go unseen by the wearer are revealed, telling the story of the cuff and sleeve, stitch by stitch.


The placket, a bold folded line that forms an edge here rather than a divide, reveals a procession of finely sewn button holes, each as perfectly executed as the last. The simplicity of the yoke section belies its importance, not just as a cornerstone of the construction, but as carrier of the Canali label, as vital as an artist’s signature.