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Step into a space in which Canali products are displayed as works of art,
presented within a framework of scenes that tell a story of creation and of craftsmanship.


The Shoe - is a shoe - is a shoe. And yet a shoe is so much more. Yes, it has a form and a function - but there is a weight to it. The shoe heralds your arrival, as if to say – ‘I AM HERE’. Attention and appreciation follow close behind. Necessity belies its structural significance. The shoe has many layers, many parts, many meanings. A statement of infinite possibility. No - The Shoe - is not a shoe - is not a shoe.



When it comes to the making of a shoe, creativity, craftsmanship and technology come together in perfect harmony. Guided by a pattern, pieces are cut out with the utmost precision. The leather upper is then assembled by hand.


The shoe is built around a last, providing support as the internal structure takes shape. Beneath the seductive surface lies a core strength that makes each shoe as comfortable and functional as it is compelling.


The upper finds its sole through the process of Goodyear welting before entering the next phase of their creation. Stitching the sole is a nod to the familiar visual language of tradition, while attaching the heel is a step towards that all-important sense of presence.



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