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Fashion and Food, elegance and creativity, a sartorial aesthetic and decisive flavors – these elements come together in a project with celebrated Italian blogger, Anna Marconi, of “Taste of Runway”. For this special and sparkling collaboration, Anna has created six cocktails inspired by colors, details and silhouettes from our latest runway collections. Surprise your guests with these exceptional creations that are fresh, fragrant and above all, stylish.

Style Notes

Toddy Apricot

This cocktail’s distinctive personality is inspired by the colors and characteristics of the latest Spring Summer look to be turned into a culinary creation.

The first velvety sip is pleasant on the lips thanks to an immediate sweetness that comes from the apricot liqueur, softened by the crisp bitterness of Aperol. Orzo syrup mixed with rum adds a refreshing after-taste.


50 ml orzo syrup 45 ml Aperol 20 ml Myers dark rum 15 ml apricot liqueur (apricot brandy) 20 ml pasteurized egg white 30 ml fresh squeezed orange juice ice

For the base: in a glass, combine the orzo syrup, rum and an ice cup. Pour this into the serving glass.

For the rest: in a Boston tumbler, combine all of the ingredients and add three ice cubes. Shake for 15 seconds until you do not hear the ice anymore and begin to hear the foam forming. Filter the liquid into a strainer and pour into the serving glass.

Perfect for a pre-dinner drink on a hot Summer’s night or alongside a raw fish dish, this sophisticated cocktail offers a refined but casual solution – much like the orange nubuck jacket with raw-cut edges. Pair with a cashmere-silk T-shirt, rose-tinted linen-cotton pants and a pair of two-tone Derby shoes for that effortless vacation-ready look.