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Brushstrokes of colour painted “en plein air” illuminate the SS14 collection, designed for a multi-faceted man of the world who loves to surprise, with irony, and to rewrite the rules, with a playful but impeccable personal style.

Supple lines flow over the silhouettes without accentuating them. Jackets are longer and waists, emphasised by thin crocodile belts, become a prominent feature, while trousers with one or two pleats hang lithely before tapering at the ankles in a high cuff, to reveal colourful socks decorated with polka dots or stripes and two-tone moccasins adorned with the Canali signature texture.

Fine tailoring and handcraftsmanship are blended with a pinch of irony and desire for carefreeness. Stripes and polka dots play down the rigor of a classical sense of elegance to become the guiding thread of the entire collection.

Bags in deerskin or decorated with the signature Canali texture, pure silk pocket squares and tie pins worn under jacket breast pockets or on lapels represent decorative jewels that enrich finely tailored suits and reach beyond the tenets of classicism with mastery and refinement.