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LUI (HE) is an eclectic. Intense and authentic with an open mind for trends, inspiration, and experimentation; he admires the essence of things that are made well, with care and are full of heritage.
HE is the center of the new Spring Summer 2019 collection – the first to be helmed by Collections Designer Hyun Wook Lee.

''My concept of elegance draws its inspiration from sartorial tradition; using it as the instrument to translate contemporary trends into a style that encompasses the life of the modern man''

Hyun Wook Lee
Canali Collection Designer

The Canali Man, as envisioned by the new designer, embraces sartorial tradition and adopts it in a truly personal and contemporary way. For him, style is sensibility; intuition; an expression of a state of mind – an interior world that is represented in four “rooms” – Equilibrium, Dynamism, Steadiness, and Inspiration – that reflect his way of being; living; dressing.

HE demands an elegance that is honest and timeless as well as modern and versatile: a vision that entwines perfectly within the story of Canali.

We discover this story walking through a vineyard: an iconic element of the Italian landscape with a longstanding tradition of excellence, anchored firmly at the roots, and able to bring forth an exclusive and unique collection year after year. Grapevines reveal themselves as the unifying thread of the collection - a graphic emblem that moves from one room to the next whilst simultaneously planted within its own identity.