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Making a mark

Tips on mixing motifs

A well-placed pattern can add an interesting touch to the season’s essentials and pairing more than one (in the right way) will create unique ensembles that won’t go unnoticed.
Here are a few tips to get you started:
- Two macro-motifs are more than enough.
- Create a common thread with nuances of the same color.
- Choose patterns with different forms and proportions. Stripes and checks complement each other while paisley and houndstooth are more difficult to pair, but not impossible.
- If you aren’t convinced, try opting for a solid colored suit or shirt and get creative with your tie or pocket square.

In this look, checks and stripes come together in an elegant and effortless way; the Kei jacket with three-tone micro-checks is paired with a similarly colored striped scarf that takes on the same nuances as the tie, resulting in a bold and balanced optical effect.