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On the slopes

3 unforgettable ski destinations in Europe

Breathtaking views, snow-covered slopes and gourmet cuisine: here are our three top destinations for a Winter wonderland getaway  on the European continent.
- Cortina, the queen of the Dolomites, is known the world over for its challenging runs and delicious (albeit intense) dishes from casunziei pasta to a flavor-filled apple strudel. 
- Saint Moritz, among the most famous and luxurious resorts in the world, is frequented by international jet setters looking for a great panorama and glamorous distractions between food festivals, polo tournaments and exclusive nightclubs. 
- Megève, in the Rhône-Alpes region in southeastern France, is a place that seems frozen in time. This ski resort, rendered popular by the Rothschild family, boasts numerous runs across all difficulties and a spectacular view of Mont-Blanc.

Whatever the destination, your style should always be at the apex of elegance. Stay warm in glacial temperatures  with practical and sophisticated pieces like a cashmere sweater with fur lining or the ever-classic V-neck sweater that goes well with any jacket. For a post-ski break, don’t forget a pair of casual pants and suede boots with rubber inserts to avoid any (style) mishaps.