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Find the perfect suit for any body shape

Wearing a suit well is, at core, a matter of identifying the right proportions for an individual’s body shape. 

The neck and shoulders are key to the fit of a suit, as both areas are relatively difficult to alter. In a natural standing pose, the jacket’s collar should sit on the neck without standing away from it (too large), nor showing stretch marks (too tight). The jacket’s sleeve should just touch the shoulder and flow down the arm: the armhole should not hang loose or wrap tightly around the muscle.

Lengthwise, the hem of the jacket should end half way along the hand, with the arms held straight to the sides. Its sleeve should sit at the wrist, while its total length should be half the height of the suit overall. When these measurements are all in order, a look in the mirror is essential.

Men with short physiques should consider narrow leg trousers and fitted 2-buttoned blazers, which should also be slightly shorter than the standard, giving a sharper look overall. Conversely, tall men may have to balance their height with 3-button jackets and regular length trousers.