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London Inspiration

“As a stylist, I’m very fortunate to live and work in London,” says Dan May, Style Director of Mr Porter. “Obviously I travel a lot, and that has certain influences on me, but I always love coming back, being at home.

“London style for me is the amalgamation of all the cultures and characters that descend on the city. It gives it a real buzz and a uniqueness.

”To demonstrate his home city’s sartorial flair, May visited the Canali flagship store on New Bond Street to select three London-inspired looks, tying them together with a classic piece of British sportswear from Canali's Spring Summer 2014 collection: the quilted field jacket.

“The field jacket just jumped out at me,” says May. “It’s got such versatility that I felt I could create three individual looks that cover a real spectrum of occasions. Obviously it helps that it comes in such great colours.

In each look, May has added a London twist to the Italian-made elegance of Spring Summer 2014 through “subtle details,” he says.

“I think the quirkiness in the detailing is quite an English thing. It’s the shrug of a sleeve, it’s the turn-up on a jean rather than having it beautifully finished. The other thing about this jacket is that it has a slight sportswear element to it. It’s a nice way of playing with the formal and the casual. I think that’s something the Brits do really well.”


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