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Winter Agenda

Counting down to the new year

Ringing in the new year in an exotic and trendy locale is a dream for anyone. For the more traditional types, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Kitzbuhel and Venice would do the trick, but if you want to kick the clichés, try an underwater fete in the Maldives, the rim of a volcano in Tanzania or above the clouds in China.
Wherever you are, be sure to look the part:

  • Black tie? The tux is a must for the more elegant and sophisticated parties. Try our slim silhouetted version and add a touch of luxury with a pair of velvet slippers and a tuxedo shirt with cufflink buttons.
  • For a more casual feel, perfect for any party, try pairing gray wool pants with a lightweight cashmere shirt. Don’t forget this unlined charcoal gray overcoat for watching the fireworks and accessorize with a striped red tie.