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The Statement Coat

Each of us has a unique composition

From our taste in music to the clothes we wear, our distinct preferences and unique personalities are what make life colorful and captivating. At Canali, we believe that garments should have the capacity to reflect the individuality of the wearer. Our Fall Winter 2019 coat was created for the modern man who moves through the world with refined grace and a serene sense of identity. Through expert craftsmanship and strategic style, the coat was designed to enhance his experiences so that each meaningful moment is preserved as a picture perfect memory.


Artistry is in the details

The classic double-breasted silhouette impeccably unites timeless style with contemporary pattern. An intriguing Prince of Wales motif comes to life in sober shades of light gray, black and white, counterbalanced with the perfect ratio of vibrant light blue. An unlined interior renders the coat imperceptibly lightweight, while premium materials such as wool and alpaca blend together to provide enduring quality. When the winter comes at last, our statement coat will effortlessly offer warmth without weighing the wearer down, enhancing every journey, no matter the length.