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The rules of dressing up

Trends come and go – styles, shapes and colors tend to be seasonal, here one day, gone the next. However, the rules of dressing up always remain the same. A classic suit or a formal jacket paired with dress pants will forever be the fundamentals of the elegant wardrobe.

The first rule is all about awareness – of yourself, your proportions, what looks good on you and what doesn’t. If you are tall, try three-button jackets and straight-cut pants; for more robust body types, wear pieces that feature vertical lines and avoid flashy prints; for heavier figures, shorter jackets with two buttons are an interesting solution.

When it comes to accessories, the universally accepted guideline dictates that your tie match your dress shirt, but not your pocket square while belts and shoes should be coordinated. Try to balance out colors and patterns as much as possible – not too strong and not too much.

A subtle chalk stripe suit in a refined blue-gray can be worn over a white cotton dress shirt with light blue stripes with a tie that reprises the rest of the look. A paisley pocket square adds a welcome accent of color and creativity.