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A Guide to the Color of the Moment

Distinct, rich and timeless, blue is a color that’s central to the contemporary male wardrobe. Thoroughly versatile, it can work as a sharp, clean accent, a tonal palette of summery, airy hues, or a bold statement color that speaks of confidence and modernity. It’s easy to get obsessed with blue, and many have, from Pablo Picasso, whose “Blue Period” spanned from 1901–1904 to Yves Klein, who was so enamored with blue that he patented his own, vivid shade of the color in 1961. But this spring, it’s particularly in force – so it’s time to pick a shade. 

Blue can be the guiding principal of an outfit, but it also works as a subtle detail. A pale blue tie, for example, can lighten the impact of a grey or navy suit, while blue cufflinks and belts add a more focused contrast. On the casual side, those interested in color matching from head to toe can add extra accessories, such as one of Canali’s  striped scarves or a pair of blue calfskin moccasins. 

The spring 2014 collection charts blue’s illustrious history as well as its future, with a range of vivid blue pieces that refresh menswear staples.