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Add a spot of color with this timeless accessory

The polka-dot is a wry pattern with an impressive and surprising origin. At one end of the style spectrum, stoic British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a notable wearer, often offsetting his somber black dress suits with a sprightly polka dot bow tie. On the other, Bob Dylan spent the late 60s and 70s inducting polka dots into the annals of Rock and Roll, pushing the print through many, now-legendary dotted shirts. 


The polka dot tie is best used to add a contrasting, texture to outfits where the focus is on a single color. For a more complex effect, it can also be worn over a clashing pattern, such as a striped shirt, as long as colors are harmonized. Lastly, polka dots can be used to softly introduce a secondary color: a red microdot tie, for example, works nicely against a crisp white shirt and navy blue suit.