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Layered to Perfection

“Life starts all over when it gets crisp in the fall,” F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in his novel The Great Gatsby. We couldn’t agree more. The crisp fall air merits a warmer wardrobe that allows for dynamic style while simultaneously preserving traditional elegance.

Our Fall Winter 2018 collection is inspired by the decisive aesthetic of the 1920s, the same decade in which Fitzgerald crafted his literary masterpiece with care and precision. Similarly, we went to great sartorial lengths to ensure that our handcrafted sweaters read like works of art in and of themselves.

Layer up in this season’s selection of opulent sweaters in luxurious wool and cashmere fabrics in order to optimize style without sacrificing function. An element of chiaroscuro permeates the collection, causing garments to appear subtly neutral from a distance while revealing intricate detail and rich textures upon closer inspection. An array of sleek silhouettes allow you to customize your autumn ensembles to reflect your personal style, whether that means layering a timeless turtleneck beneath a refined polo sweater or pairing a patterned crew neck with a distinguished jacket. In any case, combining the sweaters of the season render fall looks that exude the effortless elegance of Fitzgerald’s era while simultaneously speaking to the modern day protagonist.



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Don't choose between convenience and style with our elegant leather pieces in classic black or modern green.