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How to Dress

The Statement Parka

When it comes to selecting your outfit, color is an inexhaustible vehicle for self-expression. Whether found in a Baroque painting or a fashion collection, color captivates the eye, converses with memory, and stimulates thought. We implemented arresting hues and elements of chiaroscuro into our Fall Winter 2018 collection to give it the same stopping power of a museum masterpiece.

Our Bordeaux parka stands out on the city streets, bold, unwavering, and memorable. The color itself is both intrinsically elegant and conveniently versatile. It’s neutral enough to pair with dress pants and a classic shirt for formal obligations while concurrently contemporary enough to elevate a simple pair of jeans and a sweater . The dramatic length of the parka creates a sleek silhouette while salient details attract the eye. An oversized hood gracefully falls between the shoulder blades while slanted pockets and pronounced cuffs characterize the front of the coat. The specially treated wool fabric defines utilitarian excellence with an invisible barrier that causes water to glide off the garment’s surface, repelling stains and dirt. With the help of modern technology, the elements of style effortlessly combat the elements, preserving sartorial splendor with the expert use of color.



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