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Let your clothes
do the talking

Every look has its moment and every moment has its look.
This new series is a witty exploration of the most significant occasions in a man’s life and the importance of choosing the perfect ensemble for each.


Arrive early and act casual

This is where it all begins so first date jitters are completely normal. The important thing is to act natural and be yourself. Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t and never be late. Act casual, but don’t go overboard and make sure your ensemble reflects your ease.

Appear keen... but not too keen

The perfect look makes an impact at first glance – it’s your business card. Try this refined jacket in an exclusive double cashmere with contrasting lapels over a classic white shirt and a pair of jeans with retro-inspired cuffs. Finish off the ensemble with a striped angora scarf and a pair of Oxford lace-ups for a touch of formality.