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Style Notes

Modern Expressionism

Casual touches for a contemporary office aesthetic

Mobility, transformation and efficiency: these are the key words of the digital era. The concept of distance, both in a literal and cultural sense, is no longer an issue. Stylistic canons meet and combine, creating a distinguished aesthetic that is both elegant and contemporary at the same time.
This contamination of codes, scenarios and occasions, even the rules of elegance, take on a chameleonic nature, constantly shifting from versatility to personal distinction; formal and casual.
The office wardrobe is no longer a suit and tie affair. We suggest keeping the suit, but swapping out the button-up shirt for a polo or a sweater. This ensemble in particular comes in a beautiful sapphire blue, embellished with a subtle overcheck that adds a layer of movement. Lace-ups make way for loafers, adding that final touch of contemporaneity, perfect for the modern-day man.



Stripes, whether vertical, horizontal, chalk or pin, have always been a canon of men's suiting, creating movement, balance and contrast to a look. This season, this motif is featured on a sophisticated dark blue suit and paired with a striped knit tie and shirt with contrasting collar for a truly unique aesthetic.


Contemporary code

Blue is an iconic color of the Spring season, appearing in both suiting and sportswear as well as our refined outerwear. Bordeaux accents add a touch of color and elegance to the aesthetic, creating a classic yet contemporary look that is perfect for the transition from one season to the next.